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Elevate Your Building with BOMA 360

Elevate Your Building with BOMA 360

Elevate Your Building with BOMA 360

***UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE:The EER Survey has been suspended and participation is NOT required at this time. Applicants may select the "EXEMPT" option in the Prerequisites portion on the BOMA 360 application, and type 'SURVEY SUSPENDED" - this will grant credit and allow you to proceed with your application(s).

BOMA 360 Application Deadlines: 

Dec. 3rd - Q4 New Applicants

Dec. 31st - Q4 Renewal Applicants

For existing buildings: Our newly launched platform may not recognize previously used usernames and existing building profiles may need to be recreated. If you encounter any issues logging in, first try the “Forgot username? | Forgot password?” links. If you still experience issues logging in, you may need to create a new profile and add your building to the system again. The documentation process remains the same for all buildings submitting applications or renewals. Questions? Contact boma360@boma.org.

Earning the prestigious BOMA 360 designation tells the world that your property has achieved the highest standards of operational excellence—providing you with an unbeatable competitive advantage and a number of tangible benefits, including higher tenant satisfaction levels and rental rates.

BOMA 360 2.0

We’ve updated and revised the BOMA 360 application criteria to reflect the latest standards of excellence and ensure that the program delivers the maximum amount of value to our designees.

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Program Criteria Include:

“BOMA 360 is the standard for exceptional operations and management, and now we can point to the designation as proof that we really are one of the best.”

~ Amy Hanafin, JLL
The Bank of America Plaza

“No matter how long you’ve been a property manager, no matter how proud you are of your building, there’s always something new to learn about improving your operations.. BOMA 360 gives you the opportunity to re-evaluate yourself and see where you can do better.”

~ Julia Paluka, RMR Group
The National Park Service Building

“The ‘360’ part of the BOMA 360 name really is true…the BOMA 360 program covers all parts of building operations and management, and we work hard to make sure we’re not overlooking anything. Our designation reflects that effort.”

~ Donna Nurmi, Tower Companies
The Millennium Building

“You have to make sure all aspects of your building’s operations are in place and up-to-date, and completing the BOMA 360 application is a great opportunity to do that.”

~ Ryan Moore, RPA, Cushman & Wakefield
Ford Center

“BOMA 360 allowed us to essentially benchmark ourselves across the board and prove we are exceeding industry expectations.”

~ Janet Shipley, CBRE
HESS Tower

“We liked the BOMA 360 designation because of its holistic approach that showed we weren’t just excelling in one category, but in all aspects of running a high-performing building.”

~ Bobbi Weigel, CEM, CPE, LEED Green Associate
Federal Reserve Bank of New York


New Industrial Criteria

We are excited to announce the creation of a distinct new set of BOMA 360 application criteria specifically for industrial buildings. These new criteria have been designed to reflect the unique characteristics of and operational best practices for industrial properties.

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The Performance Program Designed for Today’s Commercial Real Estate Industry

Industry best practices have evolved since the BOMA 360 Performance Program began in 2009, which is celebrated our 10th anniversary by rolling out brand new application criteria!
BOMA 2.0 offers:

Hear real industry professionals discuss the benefits of the BOMA 360 program, strategies for establishing participation across your company’s portfolio and how you can get started on your application in our free, on-demand webinar, “Bring Your Building Full Circle with BOMA 360.”

For more information about BOMA 360 Performance Program benefits, eligibility, the application process and other key details, please visit our FAQ page or email boma360@boma.org to learn more.
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